Syl's Blog


This is an interests page of sorts, filled with things I love and hope you'll love too!

Please note that this page is under construction, so it's kind of bare-bones right now. I will be adding more to it in the future.


Slør by Eivør - I love all of Eivør's releases, but Slør is my favorite. It was released in both Faroese and English, and I recommend both versions. If you like dark folk music, this is a quintessential album.
Favorite Track: "Salt"

Another Side of You by Illumishade - Symphonic metal is alive and well, thanks to bands like Illumishade. Fabienne Erni's voice is breathtaking, and there are some really nice prog and pop elements in the instrumentation.
Favorite Track: "Cyclone"

YouTube Channels

Princess Weekes - Princess Weekes posts thoughtful video essays about a variety of topics related to pop culture. She digs deep and covers all her bases, and she's created some of my favorite essays on the platform, including her Twilight breakdown.

CJU Games - I've been watching CJU's videos for years. It's a comfort channel for me, and I often turn to it if I'm not feeling well or need a pick-me-up. CJU does Let's Plays of mostly horror games, with some puzzle and adventure games thrown in. I like that he doesn't overreact to scares like some other YouTubers. He's relatable and fun and somehow soothing.

Dream Jelly - If you're a '90s or early 2000s kid and you like to dabble in nostalgia, then Dream Jelly is the channel for you. Her videos cover everything from Webkinz to DVD menus to school lunches, and they're edited and presented in a way that makes them really fun to watch.

Twitch Streamers

MarzCakez - I've been watching Marz's channel for over two years, and I really feel like part of her community now. She focuses on horror games, especially retro games like the original Resident Evil series, Silent Hill, and Haunting Ground. She's chatty and fun, and her streams have a relaxed, welcoming vibe that I love.