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2024 Games

I'm keeping track of all the games I play in 2024 here! If I've written about them, then they're linked to the appropriate article, blog post, or quick review. If they're a replay, then that's denoted as well.

  1. Hollow Cocoon
  2. Before the Green Moon
  3. Lamprey
  4. Lamplight City
  5. The Cave
  6. Misericorde: Volume One
  7. The Invincible
  8. Sam & Max Save the World (replay)
  9. King's Quest VII (replay)
  10. No Case Should Remain Unsolved
  11. Clock Tower 3
  12. The Cat Lady
  13. Paradise Marsh
  14. Indika
  15. Crow Country
  16. Backpack Battles (ongoing)
  17. Fallout 76 (ongoing)
  18. Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor