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I love collecting things! This page features a bit of my IRL collection as well as stamps and pixels I've collected around the web.

Silent Hill Merch

I've been a fan of the Silent Hill series of video games since I was a teenager. They left a lasting impression on me with their deep stories, memorable characters, and incredible sound design. This isn't the extent of my collection, but here are some pieces that I keep on my "Silent Hill mantel" in my living room. Images are linked to their corresponding shop pages or additional info if unavailable for purchase. Hover over each image for descriptions.

See the collection! an LED sign reading Heaven's Night in stylized cursive writing and glowing purple The official Japanese Silent Hill novel and original soundtrack on CD Toy figure of Pyramid Head standing over a lying figure Silent Hill 2 keychain featuring a a two-sided vinyl Lakeview Hotel keyfob as well as a room key, room number, and a Pyramid Head helmet charm Pyramid Head and a nurse standing in front of an elevator in the other world A blue Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3 holding a saw with blood smeared on his face plushie of Mira, a Shiba Inu dog, wearing a headset Vinyl of the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack featuring artwork of a man standing on a road in front of fog, with a woman's eyes blending in with the fog


Credit: The original creators of these are unknown. I collected most of them from Pixel Safari and their links as well as the old web community on tumblr.


Credit: Each of these are linked to their creators!