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I'm Married!

On March 22, 2024, I married my best friend. ğŸ’ž It's a cliche, but it's true: Danny has been my best friend since we first began talking in July of 2022. We met on Bumble, and we had our first date over Discord, watching Event Horizon together and just chatting over our mics, getting to know each other. We met in person a week or so later at a sushi restaurant, and another cliche presented itself: "when you know, you know."

two hands, one on top of the other, wearing wedding rings

As with all major decisions in our life, our wedding plans revolved around a concert. We went on our first big trip together to a concert, we got engaged while visiting Seattle for a concert, and our wedding happened on this particular day and in this particular way because of a concert.

We were originally planning an October wedding, complete with a ceremony and reception, but we were bad at planning and quite stressed. Then two of our favorite bands, Incubus and Coheed & Cambria, announced a tour together later this year, and we got tickets because we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. Since they're not playing anywhere near us, we decided to make a whole trip out of it, and we were having way more fun planning that than the wedding.

Incubus and Coheed and Cambria 2024 North American tour poster

We started talking about postponing the wedding until next year so we wouldn't be planning a trip on top of it. Then we discussed it some more, and we realized that neither of us were very keen on the idea of having a ceremony. We were already planning a small wedding with less than 50 guests, and we wanted to be able put more funds toward the reception and honeymoon than the ceremonial aspects. So why not just go to the courthouse and then party later? 😄

bride and groom looking at each other during a wedding ceremony at the courthouse groom walking toward the bride with the marriage certificate in hand

Thus, our marriage on March 22 was a small courthouse affair. Both of our mothers and our sisters were there with us. My mom brought a bouquet of flowers for me to hold, composed of lovely yellow, white, and purple flowers. I wore a nice but casual ivory dress, and Danny wore a suit. It was a small, intimate event where we exchanged rings and made things official without the pomp and circumstance of a full wedding ceremony.

Afterward, we all went to one of our favorite restaurants for some food and celebration, and the waiter was kind enough to bring us champagne on the house. After a quick trip home to change into more comfortable clothes, Danny and I continued celebrating on our own by going downtown for drinks and ice cream. Not even the drizzling rain that night could dampen our spirits!

pork belly tacos, a fried avocado taco, and a bottle of pineapple Jarritos two glasses of sparkling champagne a coffee cake dessert topped with cream a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and red sprinkles and a cookies and cream sundae with whipped cream and blue sprinkles

We're pretty low-key people and not big on ceremony, so this suits us just fine. We're still planning to have a reception with our closest friends and family later on, and we'll have a cake and photographer and all that good stuff. Then we'll go see two of our favorite bands and follow it all up with our honeymoon in upstate New York. It's all worked out perfectly so far, and I couldn't be happier. ❤️💍