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Lately in Photos

Just a little update about the things going on in my life lately through photos.

Going Out

two glasses of red pomegranate margaritas with black salt on the rims

Danny and I have date nights every Saturday, and we usually go out for dinner. Sometimes we'll choose an old favorite, or we'll try a new place. He works as a chef at P.F. Chang's, and on our last date night we decided to go to his workplace! We tried the Rising Dragon cocktail, which is a pomegranate margarita with black salt on the rim. It's served with a lid on and smoke enclosed in the glass. The waiter then removes the lid to let the smoke escape, creating a really cool "dragon's breath" effect.

A man and a woman sipping glasses of champagne with our arms entwined A man smiling at the camera with a cookies and cream sundae on a table in front of him

Another big "going out" event we had recently was, of course, our wedding day. I thought I'd share a couple more pictures from that day -- one of us trying to do the linked-arms thing while drinking our champagne 😂 and one of Danny enjoying some ice cream.

A man sipping a small cup of tea

We went to a tea tasting in early March! The tea shop offered three separate events: black tea, green and white tea, and herbal tea. We chose the green and white event. We tasted a lot of different teas, but my favorite ended up being a crème brulée flavored green tea, and Danny's was the "strawberry clouds" white tea. The crème brulée tastes like dessert in a cup with a little milk added, while strawberry clouds is light and fruity. We left the event with our favorite teas in tow and better knowledge of how to brew them. We even went and bought an electric kettle afterward so we'd be able to brew to the exact temperatures!

Staying In

perfumes organized in a clear organizer with equally sized compartments skincare products and makeup organized in a clear organizer with different-sized compartments

I have a regular skincare routine, and I've also begun collecting perfumes. I recently bought a couple of organizers at TJ Maxx for all of my products. I'm the type of person who sticks to the same staple products until they run out, so everything you see here is what I've been using for a while and will continue to use for a while yet.

The perfumes are currently artfully arranged on my room divider due to lack of space. My signature scent is Tom Ford's Oud Wood. It's a unisex scent that smells smoky, woody, and warm. Right now, I only have a sample size of it, but I hope to get a full bottle eventually. I'm also a big fan of Sol de Janeiro's Cheirosa 62, which is a gourmand body mist that smells like pistachio and salted caramel. I love perfumes, but they're expensive, so I'm content with the little collection I have now and won't be buying any new ones for quite some time.

A selfie of a woman with reddish-brown hair, red glasses, and a green button-up shirt sitting with cubicles behind her

Here's me at the office! I'm currently working a hybrid schedule of two days per week in the office and the rest of the week at home. It's only temporary, but I don't really mind it. I do prefer working from home, but it's kind of nice to get a little dressed up and have an excuse to stop by my favorite coffee and breakfast spot in the mornings!


a toy of the WB tower from the cartoon Animaniacs with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot busting out of it on a giant log

Last Saturday, we celebrated Easter with family and friends at my parents' house. The kids played with some of my old toys, including the Animaniacs one pictured. It was super nostalgic seeing all of the toys I used to play with, and I snagged a toy Clank from Ratchet & Clank to bring back home with me.

We also played soccer with the kids, and unfortunately I ran into a low-hanging tree branch while chasing after the ball and got a nasty cut on the side of my nose. Hopefully it heals quickly and doesn't leave a scar. I'm treating it with Neosporin and band-aids.